Why our academy

Our Admission Procedure

At Athary, We We follow a three-step process for all applications received:

Admission requiement for Year 1 & 2
  1. Student must be age 10 before or by the first two weeks of resumption for Year 1 and age 11 for year
  2. All students must have completed the memorization of the entire Quran.
  3. All students must have completed at least 4 years of primary school education.
  4. Application form is to be filled online.
  5.  i. He/she must score 50% in Math and 50% overall in our entrance exam.ii. Candidates who writes the online exam at their homes will be subjected to an interview via a video call.
  6. The entrance exam shall last not more than one hour.
  7. Ensure email address and telephone numbers are correctly filled on the application form

  8.  A copy of birth certificate or data page of an International passport is to be sent to the school via email Sworn affidavit of age is not acceptable to the school.
  9.  Parents of Candidates who do not score up to 50% in Math shall meet with the Head of Academics of the school.
  10. An online Quran test shall also be taken via video call.

  11. The school reserve the right to deny any student admission even if he/she passes the exam
  12.  On admission, students are required to submit a medical certificate of fitness from a recognized hospital.

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